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January 2024

Attendee Networking in Mobile App
  • Give attendees the opportunity to get contact information of attendees by scanning (with their X-CD mobile app) the QR code on their badge
  • Once the attendee has scanned someone’s badge, they have made a connection with that attendee and can see their phone number and email in their Connections list on the Participants screen
  • Requires having the attendee QR code printed on their badge (see our onsite badge printing options)

December 2023

Coloured Session Tags
  • Add colours to your program tags to give them more prominence
Split-Screen Review Mode
  • Allows reviewers to simultaneously view submissions on the left side of their screen and the scoring rubric on the right
  • Boost reviewer productivity as this view reduces the need to scroll from submission to scoring rubric

November 2023

Mobile App Flyer
  • Branded PDF download containing conference banner and mobile app QR code
  • PDF can be printed a poster and displayed at regisration desk enabling attendees to easily download the conference app
Swapping Registration Items
  • Instead of deleting and adding a new option, use the Swap Items option under Registration when managing an attendee’s registration
  • E.g. A good feature to use when wanting to apply the early bird rate to a registration once the date has passed
  • Also used if the attendee has selected the wrong item and it needs to be changed

October 2023

In-App Voting
  • Give attendees the ability to vote on Best Poster or Best Paper by using the mobile app In-App Voting.
  • The results tally in the admin site in the Event app area
Display Total Percentage of Score in Review Module
  • Reviews can be displayed as a percentage on reviewer front end site, not just the total score


September 2023

Cross Field Discount Codes
  • Create a discount code that applies to multiple fields (different from golden ticket)
  • E.g Discount applies to registration rate, event ticket but not merchandise – the discount will be applied to all fields included in the discount
Discount Codes at Checkout
  • For an easier registration experience, discount codes can be applied at checkout
  • Enable the Display Checkout Screen Discount Entry so your attendees can apply their discount code at the end instead of under the field it applies to
  • This is especially handy when you have created a cross field discount (see above)

August 2023

Attendee Itinerary Download (Hotkey)
  • Found within the attendee module reports, this hotkey will generate a unique link allowing attendees to download a PDF overview of their itinerary
  • Itinerary items include:
    • Favourited sessions
    • Sessions attendee is connected to as chair or speaker
    • Pre-registered sessions
Picture Rotator
  • From the admin site, rotate profile photos if they have been uploaded with the wrong orientation

July 2023

Room Mapping – Floorplans, Output on Public Program
  • Connect your venue floorplans to your online program and mobile app
  • Create multiple floorplans (for venues with multiple buildings or floors) and map your rooms to the floorplan
  • Creates a pin on the map so an attendee can see where to find the room
Custom Registration Confirmations
  • Configure custom payment confirmation emails based on registration items
  • I.e. a specific confirmation if someone signed up for a workshop or about a ticket to an event

June 2023

Clone Review Assignments
  • Allows administrators to easily clone review assignments over from previous review module as opposed to starting from scratc
  • This functionality is useful for clients with multiple review stages
Print Single Submission in Reviewer Portal
  • Give reviewers the option to print a single abstract to view offline/print
  • Previous option allowed them to only print all the abstracts they have been assigned to

May 2023

New Report: Live Participation
  • This report provides a detailed overview of all live sessions within the program
  • Useful for administrators managing a virtual event with concurrent live streamed sessions
  • Report is a CSV download that includes all session details as well as embedded live streaming channel information
Global Credit Summary Download
  • Give reviewers the option to print a single abstract to view offline/print
  • Previous option allowed them to only print all the abstracts they have been assigned to

April 2023

User Accessible Abstracts
  • Administrators can now add and assign author roles that give the user access to edit/contribute to a submission.
  • Co-authors assigned with this type of author riles will have the same permissions as the primary contact & presenter.
  • Co-authors without this author role will continue to solely have read-only access to submissions

March 2023

New Report: Incomplete Attendee
  • This report queries attendees who checked-in at the event but are still listed as incomplete registrants.
  • Useful to monitor attendees that owe money post-conference.

February 2023

Digital Session Signage
  • Custom output of all applicable session information (title, track, chairs, speakers, presentation times, etc.)
  • Replaces need to print physical signage and swap sessions while allowing last minute updates for changes within sessions

January 2023

Email Attendees by Participation Type
  • When emailing attendees using a report, administrators have the ability to easily filter by participation type (In-person, hybrid, online only)
  • Allows administrators to send email communications to specific attendee types

December 2022

Session Logistics Management
  • From your program module you can now add, manage, and export session logistics information like Audio/Visual requirements and Food and Beverage needs.
  • An admin is able to create custom fields either on a room – or on specific sessions for creating their event BEO.

November 2022

Redesigned Mobile App
  • As in person conferences resume, we have released a brand new version of our conference mobile app! A sleek redesign makes our new mobile app not only more user friendly, sleek and intuitive for attendees, but it also makes browsing rich media like videos, posters, and live streams perfect for hybrid events. Our mobile app can essentially a mirrored version of your hybrid platform, but optimized for on site attendees

October 2022

File Explorer
  • We have made managing your database files much easier with our new and improved file explorer. You can now create folders to organize all of your files and content and quickly access URLS of your content for future use. 


September 2022

Multi-Stage Review Module
  • Create multiple review modules, within a single submission module with its own reviewers, review cycle, settings etc.
  • Run your standard abstract review with a group of reviewers, review questions, and final status assignments, while simultaneously running a separate disclosure review with different reviewers, questions and final statuses.

August 2022

Continuing Education Credits Import
  • You can now import Credits & Evaluations for Sessions in bulk after your sessions and program are all created.
  • Export a csv of conference sessions – apply credit information data to csv and import back to apply credit hours to sessions

July 2022

Updates to Schedule Sessions screen
  • Create multiple review modules, within a single submission module with its own reviewers, review cycle, settings etc.
  • Unscheduled sessions containing a single abstract will display the abstract submission ID number in brackets after the Title.

June 2022

Global Speaker Disclosures
  • Global speaker disclosures allow you to ask your speakers to submit their COIs and disclosures in one step.
  • Once submitted, speakers can indicate which disclosures are relevant to their abstracts, and keep them up to date as their financial relationships change with organizations over time.

May 2022

Closed Caption Speaker Editor
  • When a presenter records or uploads their pre recorded presentation video to their submission, X-CD can transcribe or closed caption the video file.
  • Sometimes academic research content can contain specialized scientific words and jargon that the transcription service doesn’t caption correctly.
  • This tool allows your speakers to edit their transcription/closed caption text sentence by sentence to ensure 100% accuracy.

April 2022

Login Link to Module in Complete Attendee Wizard
  • When creating your email template using the Complete Attendee Wizard, you can now include the [LoginLinkToModule] hotkey which will automatically log the incomplete attendee into their registrant shopping cart to complete their registration. 

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