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Treat Invited Speakers Like VIPs and Unburden Your Admin Team.

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Replace Cluttered Inboxes & Shared Folders with A Seamless Speaker Management Platform.

Speaker management doesn’t have to involve clunky systems and disjointed platforms. From extending personalized invitations to handpicked event speakers to gathering their presentation materials, disclosures, and copyrights, our speaker management solution streamlines every step in one easy-to-use interface. Plus, you can seamlessly schedule programs, make content accessible through a microsite, and ensure all data is neatly archived for your next event.

A Frictionless Experience for Speakers

Create a smooth and straightforward experience for your VIP speakers with a single user account and profile and a user-friendly, seamless interface.

Organized Data for Future Events

Maintain your speaker database for future conferences with cross-conference, multi-year functionality.

A Single System for Admin

No more headaches caused by disconnected systems. Empower your team with a single, unified platform designed for efficient and stress-free administration.

A Single System for Admin

No more headaches caused by disconnected systems. Empower your team with a single, unified platform designed for efficient and stress-free administration.

Reporting Made Simple

Gain quick insights with our advanced reporting features. Detailed reports are only ever a few clicks away (seriously!)

Reporting Made Simple

Gain quick insights with our advanced reporting features. Detailed reports are only ever a few clicks away (seriously!)

Evergreen Speaker Profiles

Speakers can easily manage and update their profile, including their headshot and bio, directly within the platform. Plus, the profiles persist across all events, year over year, so speakers never have to worry about re-entering their information.

It’s All Integrated

Experience the simplicity of integration as our conference speaker management software connects effortlessly with other event management modules like registration, peer review, and membership.

“We decided to extend our footprint with X-CD by replacing our LMS to X-CD’s Speaker Module. X-CD was quick to understand our needs and helped us configure their Speaker Module to become our new “Faculty Portal”. We collected over 500 presentations and disclosures from more than 400 Annual Meeting faculty. We also used X-CD’s Form Module to accept applications for Travel Awards and Annual Meeting Award nominations.”

Christian Giangreco

Director, Information Technology United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

Submission Module

Alleviate the Burden of Speaker Submissions (For Presenters & Event Organizers).

Collect and manage all speaker data and files effortlessly, with seamless data flow and streamlined speaker communications. With X-CD, you not only simplify speaker management for your admin team but also offer a frictionless, white-glove experience for your conference’s most distinguished presenters.

Need a Tool to Manage Abstracts, Too?

Collect abstracts and enable thorough peer review—all in the same seamless platform where you manage your speaker data.

Program Module

Simplify Agenda Building with Integrated Speaker Data.

Creating your conference agenda is simple when your speaker information flows seamlessly into the program module. This module is designed to help you build a conflict-free schedule for your conference and enables you to share that schedule with attendees via a dedicated program microsite.

Want to Automatically Set Up Presentations in the Right Session Room?

If you’re tired of overpaying AV companies to manage speaker-ready rooms, plug laptops into HDMI cords, or run around with USB sticks, we have a better solution. Learn how we can help you push PowerPoint presentations wirelessly (and Wifi-lessly) to their appropriate session rooms.

This Past Year…

454 Conferences

216,194 Speaker Bios

65,551 Presentations Scheduled

69,037 Speaker File Uploads

34,022 Disclosures / Speaker Forms

21,890 Scheduled Sessions

11,639 Powerpoints Collected

Case Studies

Success Stories From Conferences Around the World

It’s All Connected with X-CD

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no limits. The more you manage, the more time you will get back. As they say, the more the merrier.
No. Collect as much as you can/need. Ideally, anything coming from your speakers should come directly through the speaker management system. This way, you can easily report, communicate, convert, share, and export this data from one centralized place.
Yes, speaker agreements are a core component of X-CD’s speaker management system. You can easily track, report, and communicate with speakers missing their forms or disclosures in a couple of quick clicks.
Absolutely. Not only can they upload financial disclosures, but we offer the industry’s most comprehensive disclosure management system. It allows speakers to easily upload and manage their own disclosures and also allows conference organizers to keep track of, communicate with, report on, and even review disclosures.
Yes—we offer an integrated RSVP module which allows speakers to let the organizers know if they will be able to attend and present in their allocated conference time slot.
Of course! Not only that, but they should only have to do this one time, and their profile data will persist year-over-year across all of your events. Unless, of course, they need to update their bios or get a great new headshot taken, in which case they can update their profiles at any time.
Yes! You can configure your data collection however you’d like. We offer the ability to collect MP4s or links to YouTube, Vimeo, or their own personal websites.
Absolutely. This is one of the benefits of an integrated speaker management and registration system. You can create “speaker rates,” which will dynamically display to your speakers on your registration form.

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