Peer Review Module

An integral piece of an academic conference - and one that can be a terrible nuisance, especially without the the right tools to sort, assign, report and communicate with.

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Reviewer Signup Form

  • Send a reviewer invitation to a subset of your academic community
  • Invitees can choose which tracks/topic areas they are willing and able to review
  • Signup data will populate a reviewer pool helping to automate peer review assignments using the assignment wizard
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Review Assignment Wizard

  • Automatically assign submissions to reviewers based on their category preferences
  • Reviewer pool data is populated automatically by the reviewer signup
  • If reviewer signup is not used, reviewers and track preferences can be imported into the reviewer pool to streamline the assignment process
  • Notify reviewers of their assignments, and communicate with them to complete their assignments
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Scoring & Evaluations

  • Set up a custom review form with as many questions as needed
  • Abstain fields can be added for reviewers who feel a conflict of interest, which will not affect average, mean, or median review scores
  • If applicable reviewers comments can be shared with the submitters in the final status notification to provide feedback or constructive criticism
  • Questions can be general feedback, scoring, or comments fields
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Final Statuses

  • Create an unlimited number of final status categories
  • Assign submissions to the appropriate final status categories based on their review scores and feedback
  • Use the final status assignment wizard to quickly batch assign submission between minimum and maximum average scores into categories
  • Send out final status notifications in bulk, or by final status category
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Track Chair Module

  • Spread out your academic program responsibilities across all of your conference tracks/topics
  • Grant as much responsibility as needed to your chairs and allow them to
  • Perform reviews invite reviewers, assign reviews, email reviewers, assign final statuses, send final status notifications, and even schedule sessions in the program
  • The of autonomy/responsibility is dictated by the client in the track chair module settings

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