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Finally, an all-in-one solution for events of all sizes. Online registration solutions that integrate seamlessly with self service on site badge printing kiosks, session scanning, attendance tracking, CE credit claiming, session management, and digital tickets for access control.

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On Site Registration

  • Process walk in attendees on site through a streamlined registration portal
  • Take Payments from attendees with balances owing through quick credit card swipers
  • Manually check in or print badges if needed (hopefully not too often!)
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Onsite Payments

  • Sleek payment terminal is shipped to conference venue and pre-configured to take payments
  • Take payments through touch/tap, insert, and swipe, Apple and Google Pay
  • Fully integrated with X-CD registration database and on site registration module
  • No need for standalone on site terminals with disconnected data or entering in credit card details by hand
  • Funds are collected through X-CD’s merchant account and payout distributed to client after the event
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Access Control (Digital Tickets)

  • QR Code on the attendees badge contains all registration information including pre-registered sessions & events
  • No Printing or re-printing badges and tickets on site
  • Real Time Updates allow an attendee to purchase additional items online or from the registration desk and be scanned in real time
  • Volunteers, temp workers, and staff can all pitch in as "gatekeepers" using the X-CD On Site App their personal devices to ensure access is controlled
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Badge Printing Kiosk

  • Pre Loaded iPads, printers, and networking shipped to your venue with X-CD OnSite App ready to connect to your wireless printers
  • Stress Free setup, configuration, and shipping of all hardware - tested in advance, so all you have to do is plug & play
  • Customizable badge styles and templates to fit your conference needs
  • Various Kiosk Options from simple iPad stands and standalone printers, to fully encased, floor stands with custom sponsor graphics
  • All Tickets from registration purchases are encoded in QR codes (workshops, galas, courses, meals etc.)
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CE Tracking

  • Scan attendees into sessions to give them the ability to earn credits tied to the session
  • Configurable CE module settings dictate how attendees claim/earn credits I.e session evaluations or post scan
  • Immediate access to CE certificate and transcript from mobile app after earning session credits
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Wireless Badge Printing

  • Pre Configured by X-CD staff prior to shipping to avoid on site setup issues and stress
  • Cloud Connectivity the OnSite Admin App connects to the printers via X-CD Cloud Servers, meaning to reliance on conference WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Multiple Devices can connect to one printer - meaning temp workers & volunteers can help print badges & check in attendees with their own mobile devices

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X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences. Manage all aspects of your complex membership and conference management processes though a single cohesive platform.

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