Add value and incentives for young members to join your society by providing a mentorship program to connect Mentors with Mentees

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Mentorship Applications

  • Run an application process through X-CD to collect applications for the mentorship program
  • Collect valuable custom data related to your society to help you match your mentors and mentees
  • Assign the applications to reviewers - chairs of the mentorship program
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Matching Algorithm

  • Algorithm to help match mentors and mentees based on certain application criteria
  • Match based on areas of interest, research, geography, institutions, or whatever makes most sense to you
  • A match score is displayed to help make the perfect match
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Progress Markers

  • Create tasks and objectives for your dyads to accomplish throughout the year
  • Mentors and mentees can track their tasks and progress towards them throughout the year
  • In-app messaging allows for continued communication throughout the program
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Annual Meeting Meet Up

  • Add one more layer of value and excitement to your annual meeting for mentor-mentee culmination
  • After a year of online mentorship and meetings your dyads can meet in person and wrap up a successful program together - hopefully just the start of a life long relationship

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