Membership Analytics

Discover a streamlined approach to membership reporting and data access with our new interface. Effortlessly create insightful reports and access vital membership data without the complexity. Simplify decision-making and enhance member satisfaction with our user-friendly solution. Experience efficiency and clarity like never before. 

  • Membership by demographics 
  • Transitions between membership groups
  • Revenue trends 
  • and much more…

Visual Dashboard for Easy Reporting

  • A visually intuitive dashboard empowers membership administrators to effortlessly create reports and uncover valuable membership insights.

Streamlined Reporting Process

  • Simplified reporting functionality eliminates the need for complex queries, making it easy to find precise data for informed decision-making within the society.

Comprehensive Data for Enhanced Member Service

  • Access to comprehensive data facilitates improved communication and service provision to members, ensuring their needs are met effectively.

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X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences.
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