Exhibitor lead retrieval

Introducing LeadR by X-CD – your exhibitor’s hassle-free solution for lead retrieval. Exhibitors can scan attendee badges with their own devices no bulky hardware needed. LeadR Seamlessly integrates with X-CD registration software, badge printing system, conference mobile app and  offers access to attendee data in real time.

  • Membership by demographics 
  • Transitions between membership groups
  • Revenue trends 
  • and much more…

I don't know why any conference with exhibitors wouldn't use LeadR. It's a win, win, win. Exhibitors love it, my staff love it, and it generates revenue we never capitalized on before with next to no effort on our part.

Simple Pricing - No Cost For You

  • Sell LeadR Keys to 10 or more companies, and split all revenues 50%-50% with X-CD 
  • No setup costs, or per unit costs on leadR key sales 
  • LeadR key sales must be set up through X-CD exhibitors registration module to quality for free setup 

Practical Functionality

  • Exhibitors can create their own qualification forms, easily right from the app 
  • Allows exhibitors to quickly fill in custom qualifier forms after scanning attendees that are most relevent to them
  • Qualification forms can be shared from one staff member to another from within the same company (one master form can be created for a company, and shared with colleagues with related company keys)

No Rentals Required - But Offered

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to bring and use their own mobile devices (iOS or Android), but if exhibitors prefer to rent, X-CD can provide, and ship rental hardware to your conference venue
  • Hardware rental details I.e iPads, stands, iPhones, etc. can be sold as add-ons in the lead retrieval purchase form

Rich Data Access and Reports

  • When app is connected to any active network (wifi or cellular) all leads will be immediately sent to X-CD server and exhibitors can export (email) leads directly from their phones in excel format
  • Conference organizers can determine which attendee data points will be made accessible to exhibitors in data exports 
  • Post event analytics with high level executive reports I.e peak scan times, scans per day, scans by company, etc. 

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