Enduring Education

Allow your attendees, members, and general community access your digital content and earn enduring education credits.

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Accessing Courses

  • Access to conferences or courses can be made available for purchase or can be made free/included with a past purchase (conference registration or membership)
  • Assign a panel of judges to review the membership applications - and decide whether to accept or deny applicants
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  • Self assesment quizzes can be put in place to ensure that the learner has accomplished and learned from the course objectives
  • If quizzes are not rewquired, a simple course or session evaluation can be required in order for the learner to earn their course credits
  • Customized enduring education certificates are generated after completion of the course and made available to the learner from their profile
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  • Learners are able to log into their profile at any time, and access past course certificates and transcripts
  • This applies to not only LMS/enduring course certificates, but all past conferences and events where they have claimed education credits
  • A centralized credits repository lives on for both the user to access, and the conference administrators

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