Session Signage

Session signage - either digital or printed make conference planners lives easier. Let X-CD help produce your session signs to display all up to date session information in real time.

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Smart Electronic Signs

  • Digital signage outside of session rooms are displayed on TVs or embedded screens at your conference venue
  • Custom session data can be displayed I.e session title, session type, chairs, times, presenters etc.
  • All program content is updated in real time
  • Last minute changes are reflected without manual updates
  • All session information is pulled from X-CD Program Module which also updates mobile apps, online program, and hybrid platform
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Smart Printed Signs

  • One login/profile for membership, registration, speaker portal, review and more
  • Sell membership as a step of event registration
  • Allow members to join/renew at the same time as registering for your events
  • While joining or renewing allow members to purchase subscriptions to journals, society merchandise and more.

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X-CD provides the industry’s most robust suite of integrated software for academic associations and conferences. Manage all aspects of your complex membership and conference management processes though a single cohesive platform.

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