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Your unified platform for abstract collection, review, and program scheduling.

Trusted by Over 500 Conferences Annually in Over 30 Countries

Replace Manual Processes and Outdated Systems With A Platform that Does (& Streamlines) It All.

Managing abstract submission, peer review, and program building for your academic or scientific conferences shouldn’t be so complicated. X-CD’s conference abstract management software provides a seamless workflow on a centralized platform, ensuring academic integrity and leaving you more time to deliver an enriching event experience.

It’s All Integrated

Our platform offers a single, unified system for all your abstract management needs, eliminating the need for disjointed manual processes that waste time and cause errors.

Interfaces That Make Users & Admins Happy

Designed with intuition in mind, our user-friendly interfaces cater to submitters, reviewers, chairs, and event organizers, ensuring a frustration-free experience.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage

Get up and running in no time with our straightforward setup, and enjoy effortless ongoing management with our comprehensive support and intuitive controls.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage

Get up and running in no time with our straightforward setup, and enjoy effortless ongoing management with our comprehensive support and intuitive controls.

Reporting Made Simple

Generate insightful reports with just a few clicks (seriously!), providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

Reporting Made Simple

Generate insightful reports with just a few clicks (seriously!), providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

Effortless Communications

Leverage custom email templates to easily communicate with all of your submitters, authors, reviewers, and chairs without leaving the platform.

Cloud-Powered Flexibility

Leverage the convenience of cloud technology for any time, anywhere access to your abstract management platform and microsite.

We received over 3,000 abstract submissions…and our users did not experience any technical issues. I am so gratified by your performance, and thankful that we made the right choice by engaging your firm as our partner.”

United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology

Submission Module

Simplify & Streamline Abstract Collection.

Transform your submission process from a tangled web of emails and manual entries into a streamlined, cohesive workflow. With features like custom forms with conditional display logic and robust disclosure management, our abstract submission software is engineered to simplify the entire process.

Need a Tool to Invite Handpicked Speakers & Manage Speaker Data, Too?

Extend personalized invitations to distinguished speakers and gather their presentation materials, disclosures, and copyrights—all in the same seamless platform where you manage abstracts.

Peer Review Module

Error-Proof Your Peer Review Process.

No more inefficient manual review processes prone to errors. Our peer review software streamlines the peer review process by making it easy to build and manage your reviewer pool on a central platform. It also ensures the integrity of your conference’s content with functionality that automatically assigns submissions to qualified reviewers.

We have successfully partnered with X-CD for scientific abstract submission for many years. With the switch to virtual/hybrid, we tried a few different virtual platforms, but we have been the happiest with X-CD. Their platform allows us to efficiently deliver high-quality education at a reasonable cost, which is the ultimate goal of our clients.”

Custom Management Group

Program Module

Turn Approved Submissions Into a Dynamic Program With a Simple Drag & Drop.

The complex task of organizing your event agenda doesn’t have to be so… complex. With X-CD’s program module, it can be a smooth, effortless process. Features like intuitive drag-and-drop functionality make it easy to turn accepted submissions into a cohesive program. Plus, a dedicated program microsite enhances attendee engagement.

This Past Year…

453 Abstract Collection Sites

103,365 Submissions Collected

65,551 Presentations Scheduled

104,900 Peer Reviews Completed

21,890 Scheduled Sessions

320,689 Authors & Co-Authors

34,022 Disclosures/Speaker Forms

No Need to Rebuild Your Mobile App!

By virtue of building your program and using the included program scheduling tools, your mobile app has practically built itself.

Learn how X-CD makes it simple to build a custom-branded mobile app for your conference.

Case Studies

Success Stories From Conferences Around the World

It’s All Connected with X-CD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Extremely. You have all of the tools at your fingertips to build, edit, and tweak all of the forms in your X-CD system. You can build forms with conditional (if; then) display logic, or control field displays by groups, (i.e. members, speakers, exhibitors, etc.). Even though you can build your forms, when you start with X-CD, we will do all of your form building for you to make sure it’s done perfectly the first time. We like to measure twice for you, so you can cut once.
Yes. You can collect abstracts, papers, disclosures, copyrights, handouts, PowerPoints, ePosters, videos, and much more. Not only can you collect various types of data from speakers or submitters, but you can also run parallel calls if you need (i.e. a call for sessions first, then a call for abstracts, while running a call for symposia, colloquia, roundtables, panels, etc.)
With intuitive and integrated communication tools, it has never been easier for conference organizers to communicate with authors, co-authors, reviewers, chairs, and more. Our robust sets of integrated [Hotkeys] and email templates allow you to create hyper-personalized and branded emails to all of your stakeholders—and do it quickly and easily.
Absolutely! We refer to these types of submissions as “Parent-Child” submissions. The initial submitter is the one submitting the “Parent” (i.e. the Session/Panel proposal). They are then able to fill out the parent form and add “Children” (i.e. presenters or panelists) to their “Parent” submission. The children are notified, and can log in to further manage their own individual presentations. The entire “Family” can then be assigned to reviewers to review in its entirety, and if accepted, the whole family can be scheduled in the program and converted to a session.
Lots. We offer a huge assortment of import templates for various purposes. Ideally, you will use X-CD for all of your data collection to avoid the need for imports, but we understand that situations arise, and imports can be a huge time saver. Our “Session Import” is incredibly powerful, and allows you to import nearly everything you might imagine to get all your conference program data into the system. Think presentation title, abstract body, track/topics, session title, presentation order, session chairs, moderators, continuing education credit hours and types, presentation start/end times, session start/end times, day, room, and the list goes on….
Hundreds of canned reports that are actually easy to access and pull. Most of the reports as well allow for customization too. Find the report you are looking for, and then choose which fields you want to customize your report. If it’s a report you are going to want to come back to, you can favorite it, share it, and save a personalized URL for the report, so you can pull it in real-time, from anywhere you need.
Perfectly. Whether you are running a conference with 1 room, and 30 speakers (we work with tons of conferences of this size), or a large congress with 50+ rooms and thousands of speakers, our system will scale based on your needs. Our server infrastructure is ready for crunch time i.e the last couple of hours before your abstract deadline 🙂.

We offer various levels of support based on your needs. Even our most basic (included) level of support we think (and hear) is better than most. All of our software includes personalized onboarding by one of our highly experienced support staff. We will set up your system, including the build-out of all of your conference forms, including conditional display logic, site setup, branding, and recorded training for you and your team.

We do our best to always respond to customer support tickets and requests on the same day they are submitted—often within an hour or less. All of our support is provided by in-house X-CD staff and nothing is outsourced or automated.

Although we offer the industry’s most robust and all-encompassing suite of conference and association management solutions, we do integrate with other vendors. We can integrate with 3rd party Association Management systems like iMIS, Nimble, NetForum, Personify, Impexium, Aptify, Fonteva, YourMembership, and others. Our system also integrates with WordPress, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Scholar, Feathr, IEEE, iThenticate, and Xplore.

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